Mieke van Zundert, tigluik


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Flowers on the Dutch-Belgian border


The well-known Zundert Art Festival will be held in 2012 in the month preceding the Zundert Bloemencorso (Flower Parade, or ‘Corso’), that is, in the week from 1 August to 5 August ánd on 2 and 3 September, as the Flower parade is happenig.

Zundert ( birth town of van Gogh) has a large Flower parade and you will be able , amongst others the get your inspiration of the building of the floats, the harvest of the flowers and the flower fields and some Van Gogh places. Plus there is a ‘Boerendag’ (a Farmers day ) with old handicrafts and folkloric costumes.  Of course there will be interesting model sessions too. On Sunday we will work in and around the ‘Van Gogh church’.

This will offer a unique opportunity for cooperation between the Corso and the Festival. Zundert Bloemencorso is in itself an artistic event par excellence. The ideas and designs of eighteen designers or design teams are transformed by entire neighbourhood groups into colossal floats, at least one per hamlet, but often more. These three-dimensional works of art which are four metres wide, nine metres high and twenty metres in length are decorated with millions of dahlias in the last few days before the parade takes place.
            During this five-day festival, artists who are able to work independently will be given the challenge of capturing all aspects of the preparing of the Corso on canvas or paper. For instance, painting or drawing in the flower fields whilst the flowers are being plucked, in the tents where the floats are constructed whilst all the work is taking place, a flower parade is a direct challenge for plein-air artists.

In September you will be able the see this biggest Flower Parade of Europe and on Monday the 3rd you will be able to show ( and perhaps sell) all your works ( and more) you’ve made in Zundert tot a public of 10.000 visitors.
In October there will be a Exhibition in the Zundert

Costs: 95 euro, website: www.schilderfestivalzundert.nl ( will be better every day) , email: schilderfestival2012@gmail.com , questions by sms : 0031655346616

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Marion Damen, oil on wood


In addition, Zundert is and remains the place where van Gogh was born. Whoever
so desires can easily paint or draw at various 'van Gogh locations' or just go into the beautiful natural surroundings of Zundert. "It is so beautiful there on the heath",
said van Gogh. At the time of the festival, the heath will be in full bloom.
            The Festival organisers arrived at the idea of combining the Festival with the Corso because various participants of previous festivals showed considerable interest in the Corso tents and everything that happens there. In the course of time, various works of art about the Corso have already been made.
            For whom is the Art Festival intended? Primarily for people who enjoy painting and drawing and who wish to convey and share this with those around them. Due to the setup and the theme, the Festival is pre-eminently suited to artists who work in the After Nature tradition. Realistic works of art are no longer taboo in the current art world. But one can also imagine that the kaleidoscope of colours and the various activities of the Corso would also be a challenge for artists working in the abstract tradition.

peter altena

            The Zundert Festival further aims to be one with high standards. According to the organisation, the fact that someone earns money through their art, does not guarantee quality. And the fact that someone undertakes other work in addition to their art, should not be a disqualification. But this Festival is not intended for beginners. Who is then the target group? Will admission be subject to a selection process? No: the expectation is that the participants of the Festival have sufficient insight into their knowledge, ability and level and the style in which they work and that they are capable of independently operating at the Festival and within the programme on offer. In the past, the Festival has drawn participants from all over the world.


More information (images) can be found at this site: www.schilderfestivalzundert.nl

email: schilderfestival2012@gmail.com
or [00 31] 6 55 34 66 16.